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What about the inflammation of the foreskin?

01 1 First of all, for such patients to understand the importance of daily cleaning, wash it with open water to wash, underwear as much as possible to choose loose, breathable and comfortable, you must change underwear, keep the private parts clean and dry, prevent bacteria
02 2 Secondly, it can help to use some anti-inflammatory oral drugs or injections to reduce the discomfort caused by inflammation and promote the absorption of inflammation and accelerate the recovery of foreskin. For serious patients, such as erosion and ulceration, you can
03 3 Finally, patients should avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and supplement vitamins to promote ulceration. Keep the stool smooth, avoid forced bowel movements, prevent fragile skin from collapsing, and strictly prohibit smoking and drinking.
04 If the patient has dermatitis, he should seek medical advice promptly. Under the guidance of a doctor, he can't believe the folk remedies and earthwork to avoid the situation from deteriorating. You should also pay attention to your daily routine. During this period, you should avoid sexual life and prevent symptoms.