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What are the measures to prevent genital herpes?

01 1 To cleanse yourself, don't want sex life, don't change your bed often. Because genital herpes is mainly spread through sexual life. This can be a good chance to avoid infection.
02 2 It is best to take a shower when bathing, do not bathe, do not sit in a public seat when taking a bath outside, try not to go to the public toilet, if there is no way to find a toilet, these are viruses
03 3 If someone in the family has genital herpes, family members must take care to avoid contact with the patient. The patient's clothing, sheets, cutlery, and cups are often disinfected. It is best not to have sex during treatment to prevent viral infection. Also, if men have genital mutilation
04 Genital herpes must be taken care of, clean and self-contained, away from the virus.