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Can ginger treat alopecia areata?

01 1 Ginger is a kind of remedy for alopecia areata. Apply fresh ginger slices to the affected area, or use ginger to make water. Wash your hair with ginger water. You should pay attention to it. It is usually done three times a day. But it cannot be guaranteed for each one.
02 2 patients should still pay attention to the improvement of their living habits, regular time of their own work, if there is often insufficient sleep, the patient's disease will appear worse, it is not good for recovery. It is also hoped that patients can pay attention to exercise, more exercise for hair
03 3 Alopecia areata patients often have strong mental stress, leading to the most common psychoactive alopecia areata. Patients should pay attention to timely stress relief, pay attention to their emotional control and regulation. Hope to adhere to treatment, but also suggest that patients can pay attention to adjustment
04 Note that the treatment time of alopecia areata is relatively long, generally more than half a year. It is also recommended to rational choice of prescription treatment, do not blindly try. Hope to be active treatment, adhere to good eating habits. I wish you health.