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Why can't Candida foreskin balanitis be cured?

01 1 If you are suffering from this balanitis disease, then the treatment is relatively more complicated, but in the face of this disease, you should pay special attention to your own cleanliness, if clean 3
02 2 The good time for the treatment of this disease is relatively slow, and the time spent on treatment is also very long, so don't be anxious to treat it. If you want to take it slowly, you can use normal saline or 0.1% Lifan.
03 3 For the treatment of candida balanitis disease, you need to use 2% sodium bicarbonate solution to dipped the foreskin and penis head, and then apply anti-mold ointment to the glans, such as clotrimazole ointment, Fuqi ointment,
04 However, when you treat this kind of rosary balanitis disease, you must avoid that you will have an improper sex life at this time, which will have a serious impact on yourself, and you can also