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Vitiligo treatment recipe

01 1 Once there is a time for white spot disease, then you need to go to the hospital above the top three to heal the disease. Even if you can go to the specialist hospital to treat white spot disease, heal the treatment of white spot disease. Then, at this time, you can use psoralen.
02 2 When the patient has vitiligo, then you can use oral methoxysarsalin in warm water. Then you can shine on the ultraviolet rays. The combination of medical treatment and physical healing will play a good role in healing. And when the patient is in the healing period,
03 3 It is not only necessary to actively treat leukoplakia, and patients with leukoplakia should not eat some seafood of the hair type. To know, the leeks in the hair are not suitable for patients with leukoplakia, and once there is white spot disease
04 Patients with leukoplakia need to be treated seriously. And in life, everyone must not eat squid. Of course, because crab is also one of the most famous hair products, leukoplaki patients should not eat crabs.