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What are the hazards of foreskin phimosis?

01 1 is more susceptible to bacterial infection. Many dirt and waste may be present in the foreskin, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also easy to affect the discharge of urine, because the phimosis will enclose the glans, causing the urine outlet to close, resulting in
02 2 is more likely to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, because the foreskin phimosis will cause the glans to be surrounded and wet for a long time. In this case, it is easy to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, and at the same time it can be transmitted to the wife during sexual life.
03 3 is easy to cause infertility. Because the diseases caused by the foreskin phimosis have diseases that easily cause infertility, it is easy to cause glans edema. Because the foreskin cannot be turned down when the erection is performed, the glans is swollen again, so it is easy.
04 Pay attention to hygiene in peacetime, especially before sex, clean the genitals.