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Can you check for AIDS by drawing blood?

01 1 Generally speaking, AIDS patients will not be infected in normal daily life. AIDS has a window period. Patients in this period will not have any symptoms. Even if they have blood tests, they cannot detect the disease of AIDS.
02 2 The main method of AIDS testing is to conduct blood tests. Through blood tests, we can find that the patient's serum contains antibodies to HIV virus. After the AIDS window expires, it will enter the incubation period. The patients in the incubation period still have no symptoms.
03 3 The incubation period will last for about ten years, so many AIDS patients are already in advanced stage. Although early detection of AIDS can not be completely cured, it is also helpful to treat AIDS. The main AIDS patients are
04 AIDS patients should drink plenty of water to ensure adequate sleep and rest time, allow patients to eat more fruits and vegetables, try to reduce the time of going out, so as to avoid infection, it should be protective isolation of patients with AIDS.