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Ichthyosis how the treatment safer

011 ichthyosis is a disorder of skin disease and keratosis is a genetic skin disease, but the disease does not cause direct harm to our health, but there will be a certain feeling of discomfort.
022 for more serious symptoms from an early age children should begin treatment with drugs of retinoids, such as acitretin can reduce scaly or hyperkeratotic. Effective treatment can prevent eye complications occur, but if the long-term
An in treatment of the disease outside the government 033 we can also be treated by dipping, which is more common. This method can make the skin, shu and other directly affected by the effect of the drug, quickly reach the lesion, this
04 ichthyosis patients will reduce the symptoms of sweating, which would affect the body's normal control wet, wet overheated body symptoms. Skin is too dry will make a move on us a sense of pain and can not move.