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Neurodermatitis itch how to do

011 suffering from neurodermatitis itch, then, do not grab his hand, so will hurt the skin, caused by infection or irritation, even folliculitis, especially when the itch antihistamines can be used under the guidance of a doctor
022 If you want to reduce the itching caused by neurodermatitis, during treatment, to relax, have a positive and optimistic attitude, in the diet should eat light food, such as cucumber, melon, bitter gourd, green beans, avoid
033 If you do not want to be too itchy, then do not go to irritate the skin, such as loose comfortable clothes to some of the best material to cotton, to avoid sun exposure, do not use hot water or detergent to scrub irritate the skin
04 people suffering from neurodermatitis is a big headache disorders, particularly because of the itch, and big words also affect the image of the area, and some also affect normal life, to early detection and treatment, a speedy recovery.