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What is vitiligo

011 may also be referred to as white corrosion vitiligo disease is more common in clinical of a skin disease, mainly due to the occurrence of the disease in patients with disease to local or generalized depigmentation, characterized by formation of white spots, and
022 Generally, the occurrence of the disease has some genetic factors, but also in patients with long-term drug stimulation and may, endocrine and metabolic abnormalities have a certain relationship, usually the patient's skin often white, but also for light pink, smooth surface without
Once the 033 patients suffering from the disease, not only in spirit will be a certain amount of pressure, even if there is no timely treatment, even patients there will be some complications, such as diabetes, pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, atopic
04 recommended that patients in their daily lives mentality must remain calm, but also should develop good habits, in addition, patients should avoid sun exposure after the sweat, the wind; avoid long-term in a humid environment; use in the summer