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Impotence and premature ejaculation - a man died of injuries!

011 First of all must first point to note is that, impotent patients in daily life must be timely exercise, exercise time was only time to exercise can prevent premature ejaculation, but also to adhere to, can adhere to an hour a day or skipping
022 The second point you want a speedy recovery of the disease, then the most important thing is, the patient must be arranged diet, daily diet must pay attention to eat more foods rich in vitamins, the diet must do eat more vegetarian and less meat
033 The most important thing we must insist on taking antibiotics, because only timely antibiotics norfloxacin, to be able to recover a good reproductive system disease patients, so that patients a speedy recovery, the only way to health.
04 The only way to cure impotence and premature ejaculation patients to be able to recover soon.