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Premature ejaculation how to check

011 for premature ejaculation, it is rather clear that by corresponding symptoms can clear, so the symptoms of premature ejaculation is more prominent, the patient's own can be determined by observing the general if male friends suffering from premature ejaculation, then there will be time for sexual intercourse
022 However, patients need to be clear that the symptoms alone can not be completely confirmed, if you want to be further clear, then, need to go to the hospital through professional testing equipment to clear, there will be special physical examination and laboratory tests to clear
033 general, premature ejaculation were diagnosed clinically mainly includes the following aspects, history taking: a married life as well as other diseases; physical examination: Check male reproductive organs; specific laboratory diagnostic tests: this is more complicated
About 04 male premature ejaculation, patients must maintain a good attitude, do not be too nervous and anxious, otherwise it will deepen the serious disease of premature ejaculation, in addition to maintain a good attitude outside, diagnosis treatment as early as possible is critical, therefore