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Why have psoriasis

011 genetic factors is relatively large, if the patient has a family onset example, then the chance of suffering from psoriasis will be relatively large, so people if family with psoriasis are more, then you need to effectively
One of the reasons is the infection of 022 psoriasis appears, if someone around with psoriasis, and you suffer from psoriasis, then your chances of being infected are also relatively high, and immune disorders may also cause
033 endocrine disorders may also lead to psoriasis, as some women will reduce the skin lesions before and after pregnancy, or even disappear, it will aggravate after childbirth, while psychological factors may also cause some disease of excessive
04 Note silver night disease is a chronic skin dermatitis, once the infection is difficult to cure, but also may turn into a serious inflammation of the skin, so in their daily lives to increase the resistance, clothing should be clean to avoid infection.