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The facial skin is dry, how to pay?

011 wash your face with white vinegar. Autumn dry skin, in fact, is the lack of nutrients in the skin, and skin nutrients missing from this white vinegar in there, so the fall often use white vinegar wash, you can pay, the effect is very good.
022 of cellulite. Cellulite but replenishment share Oh, we only know that delicious oranges, orange peel those who would throw away, but in fact this is the wrong understanding Oh, in fact, a good orange peel effect replenishment, who can say
033 less irritating strong make-up water, do not use exfoliating, these great harm to our skin, our skin will lose the ability to make water.
04 usually should also drink plenty of water to supplement the body of water, so we both inside and outside alike, the skin will not dry.