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Shidu and shingles have any contact you

Early 011 general performance of the poisoning caused by erythema appear, they will feel a burning and itching sensation. A few days later will appear in place of some of the scattered erythema, papules intensive, as well as small blisters appear, if scratching
022-zoster virus infection is there will be some small blisters, if after scratching, but also there will rupture surface and ulcers, it is recommended not to scratch, the primary measure is to seek treatment as soon as possible, to
033 Shidu and Shingles is a definite link, both of which is a fungal infection, a viral infection, but after the poisoning caused by infection, make the body more resistant to low, then lurking in the human body with
04 Shidu and Shingles is a definite link, it is recommended must enhance their resistance can be a good prevention of these two diseases, both of which are actually the body's resistance is low because the cause, it is recommended