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Spinach can't be eaten with anything

Spinach is a common household dish in people's daily life. It's cheap and nutritious. It's a favorite vegetable for everyone. Spinach often appears on the tables of every household. Green spinach is often easy to arouse people's appetite, but spinach contains a lot of plant alkaloids, when mixing with other foods, we should pay attention to, otherwise it may affect nutritional absorption, or bring harm to the body. Today, we're going to show you what spinach can't be eaten with.
Spinach and tofu can not be eaten together, because tofu contains rich calcium and magnesium elements, easy to react with spinach, forming calcium and magnesium solid substances, not easy to be absorbed by the body, but also easy to form stones in the body, which has an impact on health.
Don't eat spinach when eating calcium tablets. There are a lot of oxalic acid in spinach. It will react with calcium element in calcium tablets to form calcium oxalate which is not easily absorbed by human body. It will affect the absorption of calcium tablets. It is also easy to form stones in the body and affect health.
Spinach can't be eaten with eels, either. Spinach is cold and slippery in nature, and has the effect of dampness, while eel is sweet and warm in nature. It has the function of invigorating spleen and kidney, invigorating qi and nourishing blood, and removing dampness. The nature and efficacy of the two can not be coordinated, while eating can cause diarrhea.
Spinach is a common dish in people's lives, but spinach and many foods can not be eaten at the same time. If not eaten properly, it may affect people's health and cause some trouble, so people must be vigilant when eating spinach.