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What are some ways effective in preventing genital warts

011 put an end to sexual promiscuity: 60% of patients with genital warts are one of the family infected through sexual contact with infected from the community, but also by sex spouses infection, there may be passed through close contact with the family to live other people, both with
022 spouses illness to prohibit sex life: spouse only if the physical therapy, of course, be visible genital genital warts disappeared, but the patient still has human papillomavirus, also should receive oral and outside wash drug to treat, cure
033 to prevent contagious: do not use other people to underwear, swimwear and bathtub; do not wash basin pond in the public baths, showers advocate, does not sit directly on the bath tub to seat; try to use the squat toilet in a public toilet; on
044 personal hygiene: daily cleaning vulva, wash underwear, underwear personally cleaned separately, even if family members should also do one pot, towel demultiplexing Moreover, finding a cure for patients and their sexual partners to conduct health education and sex.
Currently 05 people are fast pace of life, so people only know busy at work, but neglect their own health, leading ridden some diseases, these are not desirable, we must pay attention to is if unfortunately suffering