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What men should do to protect their own penis

011 First, in order to protect their penis, first of all you can eat some aphrodisiac foods in the diet, such as eggs, this is the aphrodisiac foods, because eggs are rich in protein, if you eat some eggs in the morning soup,
022 Second explosion can often eat ginger and sixties in the diet, because this food is part of the food warming and the like, but also the treatment of male impotence, premature ejaculation, impotence play a role, if regular consumption, then you can make
033 There is a more earth way it is when the penis erection when the penis doused cold water on some of the penis will shrink, pour some hot water in the penis will be hard up, so that repeated training also allows
04 Note that the male best friend not to eat some aphrodisiac, that would damage the sexuality itself.