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Gonorrhea is how what the mode of transmission of the initial symptoms

011 transmission of gonorrhea are: 1, sexually transmitted: by sexual intercourse and others, this way more than 95 percent include sexual life, a warm kiss, hug skin contact with the skin and mucous membranes meager genital area, rich in blood vessels.
022 Second, the blood-borne infections: gonorrhea when no disease, although the body infected with a virus, but also do not show it, or the health of other people sick patient requiring transfusion, lose to have gonorrhea carrying blood
033 Third, indirect contact: gonorrhea patients who used clothes, quilts, goods, supplies, appliances, toilet, toilet and bath towels and so may be contaminated with secretions of patients, and patients with gonorrhea living healthy people,
04 newborn baby can pass through the placenta, birth canal infection gonorrhea. I hope not to have children are sick before, so the baby born suffer. Gonorrhea great harm to men, it is recommended that you go to a professional hospital treatment as soon as possible.