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Versicolor What kind of medicine can do quick

011 Hello, in the heat of summer more likely to develop tinea versicolor, has first hand some of the symptoms if the lump, it is best to the hospital for examination and treatment according to doctor's recommendation. Can be used Chinese medicine, TCM
022 pharmacies now there are a lot of drug treatment of tinea versicolor, but to be treated according to their own circumstances, do not blindly ketoconazole lotion can be used for treatment, this medicine is for external use, the drug coated sick at
033 patients for a larger area of \u200b\u200bthe patient or repeated relapse, it is best to use itraconazole setback, drugs such as fluconazole oral treatment, but pay attention to oral griseofulvin and terbinafine for the treatment of piebald
04 always pay special attention to their own health, to bathe every day is strictly prohibited in high temperature and humidity place to stay for too long a time. If you suffer from tinea versicolor do not worry, go to hospital for treatment, early piebald