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Eczema itching methods which

011 eczema is not terrible, I really have some way to deal with daily, eczema typically occurs itching, so we do best, and common chlorpheniramine 4mg, 3 times a day. Children with skin lesions subsided, the best
022 plots and pay attention to their skin clean, Eczema is an easy recurrence of skin diseases; and psychological factors, environmental factors, infection factors, genetic factors oral anti-allergic drug, used to reduce inflammation and itching, use only.
033 Note to adjust your diet, pay attention to eat spicy, avoid eating easy to sensitization of items such as wine, seafood, shellfish should be disabled to light diet as well, to minimize the adverse external stimuli, such as grasping, topical soap
04 to avoid external stimuli. It should be noted that to avoid the problem of partial stimulus again, as much as possible to avoid partial hand scratch, do not use hot water or soapy water to local cleansing, not to those with a strong irritant drugs locally