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How many years of AIDS cure

011 After spending the window period, HIV patients will enter the incubation period, the patient can check out the incubation period they are suffering from AIDS, but patients still do not have any symptoms, and the incubation period is very long, time is not very stable, but most of
The longer survival of 022 patients greater the chance of cure for this disease, because medical technology is changing all day, if the patient survival time is long enough, maybe you can wait a day to check AIDS This technique was developed by the
033 methods can be found through blood test serum containing antibodies among HIV virus, treatment for AIDS is mainly in the same time find ways to improve the patient's immune system to avoid infection patients, such as patients in protective isolation.
04 AIDS patients should minimize out of time to avoid the crowds go many places, to avoid bacterial and viral infections, are the last of many AIDS patients die of pneumonia, or pheochromocytoma,