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Ease of genital warts ointment

011 First of all go to the hospital Doctors usually recommend that patients had genital warts there are many topical medications patients can use, do podophyllin resin solution may take root, and one in particular welcomes the removal of genital warts treatment for male genitals and anus, external
022 Secondly learned genital warts treatment is the key to clear the virus. Topical drugs are not the root, can only play a role of adjuvant therapy after surgical removal of the wart, the best we have to solve the problem fundamentally, genital warts
033 final genital warts is mainly spread through sexual intercourse, in a route of transmission is vertical transmission between, there is the spread of life, so we need to improve prevention of genital warts in life, to have a regular sexual partner,
04 In conclusion We know the dangers of genital warts is very large, the patient must be timely make the right treatment, to be able to recover quickly, and do not let your guard down after no symptoms, life must pay attention to life