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What are the symptoms of gonorrhea women

011 First of all, because the female urethra is short, for gonorrhea resistance worse, more easily infected with gonorrhea than men. Women infected with gonorrhea, some will be symptoms within three to five days, such as urinary frequency, urgency, urinary
022 In addition, women had gonorrhea, will be reflected in the skin, skin spots and some of the dense, like a got some skin diseases, in fact, this is not a skin disease, but the performance of gonorrhea virus on the skin only. In addition it
033 These complications include inflammation of the ovaries inflammation, metritis and fallopian tubes, There will also be complicated by endometriosis, these complications will make women appear weak waist, abdominal pain unbearable phenomenon; some women will appear after months
04 Prevention of gonorrhea, women must self-esteem, even unmarried women during sex also must be controlled, casual sex lives of women most vulnerable to intrusion gonorrhea, damage their bodies.