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Alopecia areata can be contagious

011 In fact, according to the clinical authority of the relevant survey, diseases such as alopecia areata, it is mainly because of local causative factor is the destruction of hair follicles, and even necrosis, resulting in hair loss phenomenon. Thus it is not contagious in
022 It is proposed that patients can take some appropriate B1 and B6, and so on, with oryzanol or oral cystine, etc. together, the effect is very good. However, the patient must pay attention must be strictly in accordance with doctor's orders
033 Secondly, with some patients who are the best medicine for combination therapy, the effect is very good, such as Jianshen germinal promoting blood circulation and hair growth pill tablets and so on, the effect is very good. It can effectively help hair growth promoting blood circulation
04 In addition, patients are in the process of taking the medicine, must pay attention to eat spicy foods, fried foods, and easy to get angry, so as not to affect the efficacy of drugs. Second, if the patient's condition serious