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Is it true premature ejaculation soup

011 cases of premature ejaculation occurs, we must pay special attention to early detection and early treatment is, we must remember that there is not free to believe that some remedies or cure, and does not advise to buy their own medicines to treat, be sure to
Treatment of 022 premature ejaculation is relatively more, for example, can be treated drug, or if it is more serious, is related to the treatment of ways to carry out surgery, or related behavioral guiding the way
033 premature ejaculation soup can be said for some patients there is a certain role, but not all patients can all be used to treat premature ejaculation premature ejaculation soup by this disease. Patients with premature ejaculation must be sure to check your body to find out
04 patients with premature ejaculation in the diet should also pay attention, pay attention to add the necessary nutrients, try not to pay attention to eating some spicy food, irritating and eat cold food is the best, the best is to drink less.