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The difference between HIV and AIDS Phobia

011 AIDS This disease is a disease of the immune system, normal life among HIV patients will attack the lymphatic system, and the love of this disease is the psychological disorder that he is above the psychological above with fear AIDS, causing it
022 patients suffering from AIDS some of their symptoms will show in your everyday life among the whole body fatigue appetite weakened, but also sicker, fever there appear some skin rash spore. And also very high infectious patients
03 3 patients with AIDS in the daily lives should note that AIDS can be spread by blood-borne, but also, relatively strong so patients must pay attention to in life can not be in contact with strangers, usually lives to pay attention
04 AIDS patients in life is likely to cause great harm to myself mentally, many people have psychological shadow, so during treatment, can not let their emotions become more stable, may cause worsening of the disease