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Herpetic neuralgia about how long the duration

011 First of all, when you pay attention to rest because of long-term work and suffering from postherpetic neuralgia, be sure to immediately see a doctor, I know ordinary people neuralgia is difficult to imagine, so be sure to see your doctor as soon as possible
022-herpetic neuralgia is a very dangerous disease, must be based on the doctor's told, time and medication, can also be treated with acupuncture, can effectively reduce the incidence of PHN. During the sick to pay more attention
033-herpetic neuralgia patients can not eat a lot of spicy food as well as stimulate those who have your cold food is absolutely untouchable, during illness, you can not be smoking, drinking, be sure to know how to avoid certain food in the diet
04-herpetic neuralgia about how long the duration is not necessarily the problem, the early treatment of people on a Nana early recovery from pain or illness, but if you go to the hospital to see a doctor late, that pain will accompany you