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How to be considered premature ejaculation

011 Premature ejaculation is part of functional disorders, it should take the defined sex, masturbation such symptoms occur, under normal circumstances can not be judged so there is not a sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation situation
At 022 the number of masturbation in general once a week is more appropriate, masturbation poisoning is how much will produce some inflammation, masturbation quick ejaculation condition, is not part of premature ejaculation, kidney consideration should be the reason, it
033 recommended reducing the number of masturbation, treated kidney aspects better, it is recommended to the hospital for check-ups look better, check the go know in the end how it is, for male friends, this is quite an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine
Targeted treatment after 04 clear cases, usually pay more attention to the number of masturbation, try to reduce some, I hope my reply can have some help to you, I hope you can soon return to normal.