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The treatment of vitiligo recipe

011 First recommendation is to take a very workable fresh walnut skin rub the affected area, itching sensation if it appears that the use of the drug, if this feeling does not appear, then on behalf of no effect. There soaked with fig leaves were placed in white wine 1
022 in addition to black-bone chicken, fleece-flower root, Tribulus terrestris, Eclipta and other ingredients with the pot, add some water, then cook over low heat after meat soup, the best drink twice a day, but note
033 sulfur can also ground into fine flour, sugar and put some food base, then mix together and then cut a cucumber can not however be noted that the knife, and then dip coated with cucumber drug to the affected area with gauze and then
04 I recommend these recipes are more nutritious, it is safe to use, generally as long as they stick to it, they would quickly heal, if it is no effect, then went to the hospital for examination and treatment.