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How do children need to prevent eczema

011 Parents need to make your baby's diet work for is still nursing the baby, then the mother should try to eat foods that are spicy, such as seafood, chili, fried food, etc., so can reduce the prevalence of eczema
022 just need to pay attention to the child's daily diet, but also can not help the children away from those environments prone to skin allergies, those pollen, dust can cause illness the child has eczema in children, so they need regular cleaning the house, make sure that the child's life
033 Summer relatively easy to sweat, the need for timely to the baby wash clothes, sweat avoid the breeding of some bacteria, this can cause skin diseases, it is likely to suffer from severe eczema, so at the usual time the baby needs more attention
04 eczema need to make timely treatment, so as not to damage the large area of \u200b\u200bskin disease appear.