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Count the number of minutes premature ejaculation

011 Premature ejaculation is a certain time of the general partner to enter the body of man in less than six minutes after ejaculation symptoms appeared this time belongs to the problem of premature ejaculation, and there are some men due to excessive tension, just insert in the
Some 022 men during sex, when most of them in 6-12 minutes, when partners are not well positioned to meet the tightening of conditions have emerged during this period is moderately premature ejaculation after some simple training, immediately
033 premature ejaculation is not a standard measure of male sexuality may be a relatively large pressure is relatively fatigue after work to go home to the men in the period, there was no body to resist it very durable, it is not premature ejaculation problem that requires long-term
04 premature ejaculation is not very serious disease, if not the genitals appeared functional problems can be treated, most of them can receive psychological counseling slowly enhance self-confidence problem of premature ejaculation can be treated.