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Pregnancy test to detect syphilis the baby can want it

Patients 011 syphilis must pay attention to is that if it is not healed, then, this time in fact, not to have sex, oh, lest spread to other people. This is sure to pay attention Oh. In fact, syphilis mainly sexually transmitted shop oh
In fact, 022 patients with syphilis can still try the diet prescription Oh, in fact, diet is a good supporting role of Oh. For example, you can wine brewing SJ Oh. Oh, is actually very simple, that is, SJ
033 patients with syphilis or pay attention to is the diet of individuals, such as stimulating food there is also not to eat spicy food Oh. In fact, there are some animal liver like also do not eat Oh,
04 patients with syphilis actually be a lot of attention in the individual's diet Oh, stimulating food there is to eat spicy food is not oh. Ah usually eat protein-rich foods, there is light food.