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Hand, foot and ringworm treatment and prevention programs

011 method of treatment 1, anti-inflammatory treatment of fungal infection if there should be timely treatment, so as to create favorable conditions for proliferation of fungi, if it is dry skin, excessive dander hands Xian can use 10% glacial acetic acid foam hand
02 22. pay attention to hand care, especially in the winter time, we should always wipe Vaseline, hand cream, to the hands of the most tender care .3 reduce external stimuli do not wash their hands with soap, do not use harsh skin care products relatively large
033 always pay a lot of attention to their habits and personal hygiene, such as shoes, towels, socks, and so require regular antivirus, After the bath, to dry water-toe to keep feet dry. Try not to go public
04 words usually can not drink stimulating beverages, tea and beer as that, but the diet must be light, not too greasy or spicy, you need to take certain drugs or permit under smear physician.