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Tinea is not tickling ah

011 had hand, foot and ringworm, be sure to pay enough attention to the choice of topical creams based. The most commonly used topical treatment of hand, foot and ringworm is \"Miconazole\" This is an antifungal cream containing the active ingredient miconazole
022 If tinea relatively serious, such as the incidence of larger, a lot of rashes, and every year, seizures, or seizures for many years, hand-foot skin keratinocytes occurs, the topical difficult to penetrate deeper into the skin where it can not
033 tinea focus on prevention, so be sure to do the prevention work of everyday life should wash feet, wash the socks, the shoes dry and fresh;. Do not wear shoes and socks to others, not public towels with others, towels, basin
04 had hand, foot and ringworm, itchy, causing much inconvenience to the patient, so be sure to adhere to medication, try to heal as soon as possible, while autumn and winter is the best time for treatment of hand, foot and ringworm, because the dry weather made fresh fungi is not easy to survive, the