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Men masturbate What are the dangers?

011 due to prolonged lack of sexual orientation, sex life long repressed, inner anger long-term backlog of state, so instead of slowly masturbation sex life, and masturbation, it is the hand on the genitals, giving physiologically
022 without sex and vaginal friction, the above is not to get in physiological sexual arousal and erection after not being met, but only to satisfy the sexual desires by rubbing hands is not enough, but also prone to chronic prostate
033 masturbation from sexual aspects of the physiological perspective is already subjected to a certain amount of damage, but because of the long-term psychological above can not achieve orgasm anxiety caused by psychological, willpower is not enough quiet, inability to concentrate and other diseases, which will be produced by masturbation
04 long-term masturbation also can lead to later life when premature ejaculation phenomenon, for the physical and psychological have some damage.