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Orchitis how to do is the best

011 First of all, orchitis patients to gracefully mentality, to be told he could not styled, be sensible thing, do not hear what is good therapy, the blind treatment, with the method of treating the symptoms of the disease is not desirable, with the first symptoms
022 There is now temporarily stop sex life, sexual life or have to Daitao, or very easy to let the other half also infected gynecological inflammation is now temporarily quit or at least possible to eat some spicy,
033 Finally, orchitis patients should go to a regular hospital treatment, generally adhere to around two courses of treatment, will recover, remember to review the results indicate until rehabilitation therapy to stop, otherwise the situation will be more long lasting appear intractable, the drug will produce
04 Finally, here also say that orchitis patients pay special attention to personal hygiene, if symptoms appear itching, scratching is not going to, the best night stick my personal private parts with warm water, wash the underwear that is replaced