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How much cost phimosis surgery

011 Hello, phimosis surgery itself is not major surgery, so the price is very cheap, is a few hundred dollars, usually people are actually able to afford it, so do not worry about too much of
02 2 phimosis surgery costs from 500-2000 are some, such as the cost of the main span is to look at the difficulty of a phimosis surgery patients, usually for about 1,000 yuan is relatively common, and if the comparison easy
033 However, it should be noted that, because of phimosis surgery price depends on the location of a patient, so if the patient nowadays relatively remote areas of western, side of the relatively low consumption of some, probably in 500
04 because the price itself phimosis surgery is not high, and is known for patient then surgery is recommended when we must choose a regular hospital before they can, not because they are cheap to some irregular clinics will fix