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Eating too much ginger or increasing the risk of liver cancer

Ginger is a kind of condiment in our food cooking process, but in peacetime, ginger is a kind of health food with the function of activating blood and removing cold to achieve dehumidification. Ginger is able to improve gallbladder and spleen, but also can stop vomiting, but the main ingredient of ginger is safrole, which has the role of triggering liver cancer. If you eat too much ginger, it will directly induce liver cancer, so here, Xiaobian reminds you that when you eat ginger, you must pay attention to it.
Ginger is a very good medicinal value, but also includes a lot of practical value. Ginger can have the same health effect as ginseng. So in ordinary life, many people will like to eat ginger. Ginger is a natural spice, which has the function of promoting blood circulation and sweating.
Although ginger has a very good effect, but ginger also contains unhealthy ingredients, namely safrole. According to a recent study, safrole can cause liver cancer. Through laboratory studies, safrole can cause active carcinogenesis in metabolic transformation.
The United States does not allow safrole as a food additive, so the European Commission of Experts has to decide to reduce the dosage of safrole, because it will directly cause harm to the human body. In China, food additives are also planned in Chongqing. Ginger must be used with more attention.
There are many causes of liver cancer disease, mainly related to diet. Liver cancer will be directly induced by birth. When adding ginger, we must pay attention to it. Don't eat too much ginger.