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What about the joint pain of the index finger?

01 1 Method 1: If you have joint pain in your index finger, you can cross the fingers of both hands and rub each other until the skin is hot. Then take a piece of ginger and cut into pieces, apply ginger to the affected area, then
02 2 Method 2: Pour out a moderate amount of warm water, the temperature is about forty degrees, so that the painful finger joints are completely soaked into the water, then gently deduct the fingers, do not use force, so that the blood circulation can be accelerated, thus breaking up and accumulating
03 3 Method 3: In normal times, in the face of joint pain in the index finger, some finger movements can be performed, so that not only the muscles and tissues of the finger part can be exercised, but also the local blood circulation can be accelerated. Some slight hand activities can be performed to alleviate