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What to eat together with yam is good for your health

Yam's nutritional value is very high, we can easily buy yam in peacetime, and yam's price is relatively cheap. Yam taste is also very good, you should know that yam can be made into sugar gourd, I prefer to eat yam made of sugar gourd. I don't know how you usually eat yam, whether alone or with other foods. Let me introduce some kinds of food that can be better with yam.
When Chinese yam and jujube are eaten together, they can invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach; when Chinese yam and pumpkin are combined, they can reduce blood sugar; when Chinese yam and walnut are combined, they can supplement the middle and enrich the qi; and when Chinese yam and orange peel are combined, they can alleviate autumn fatigue.
Yam and Lycium barbarum play a nourishing role, which is good for the weak of the spleen and stomach; and duck meat to strengthen the spleen and stomach; and lotus seed to strengthen the spleen and stomach; and spareribs together to nourish the kidney and essence; and almonds to nourish the lung and kidney; and sesame can play the role of calcium.
Chinese yam and pigeon meat, chestnuts play the role of prolonging life, invigorating kidney and spleen; pork is invigorating qi and stomach; rice wine is invigorating life; red bean is antidiarrhea and detumescence; and Qinshi is invigorating kidney and astringent essence; and mutton is invigorating stomach and spleen; and kidney bean is improving immunity; and donkey meat is invigorating body deficiency and invigorating five viscera.
Yam itself has a high nutritional value. If you eat it with the above food, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Yam is suitable for patients with physical deficiency after illness, diabetes mellitus patients, and people with long-term diarrhea.