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What New Thrush Skills for Long Eyebrows

We know that make-up absolutely needs skill, and we should pay special attention to different facial types and temperaments to make up the most suitable appearance. It is absolutely an improvement of our image. You are like the length and thickness of eyebrows have a great impact on face shape. The choice of eyebrow shape should be based on the shape of eyes. The facial features, age and personality were determined. If, regardless of their own conditions, hard to move other people's eyebrows to their own face, will often damage the overall aesthetic feeling of eyebrows and eyes, then how to draw eyebrows?
The first one is to find the position. The straight top of the inner eye angle is a vertical extension line with the eye. The standard width between the two eyebrows is just the distance between one eye. Most people's eyebrows are a little ahead of time. When thrushing, they should draw the eyebrows to the standard position. Because the distance between the eyebrows is too far, it will be foolish.
Moreover, the location of the eyebrow peak is also very important. When the eyebrow peak is in half, the face shape has the feeling of being lengthened. If it is a long face, it is very inappropriate. When the eyebrow peak is three-quarters, the face shape has the feeling of being widened, and the wide face type is uncomfortable.
There are also eyebrows and eyebrows in the same horizontal line, when the eyebrows rise above the horizontal line, facial expression appears lively, rising eyebrows have the effect of increasing face shape, not suitable for long face. When the eyebrow tip falls beyond the horizontal line, it makes people look old-fashioned, we must pay attention to it.
Finally, we want to say that the long-faced girl's face is too long, so it is very suitable to trim eyebrows into flat eyebrows, two lines across the face, the long face will be divided into two parts to play a decorative role.