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These cosmetic errors make you ugly

01 cut off nail polish and nail polish. Although nail polish and nail polish are harmful to fingernails, women prefer to ignore this harm for beauty and beauty. Nail polish will fall off after a period of time and become uneven. Even a stronger nail polish will also appear on the edge. At this time, many girls will cut off nail polish and nail polish. This way is very harmful to nails, which is more harmful than your nail polish, making your nails thinner. Face "wrinkles" also become more. What's more, have you found that this kind of action is very addictive, just want to clean it up.
02. Take a bath and shampoo every day. Clean yourself is a good habit, but sometimes bathing is not necessarily a good habit. We have a protective oil film (also known as sebum film), which can be taken away by bath gel and shampoo. Sebum membrane is an invisible membrane covering our skin. It can not only prevent dry skin, but also give the skin soft elasticity. It is the most natural "cosmetic water". So sometimes, if we don't feel that we are sweating or that our hair is not oily, we can use fresh water to do it again or not to wash it directly. Reducing the number of baths and the temperature of the water is an effective way to protect the sebum membrane from losing.
03 Eyebrow pulling causes eyelid relaxation. Nowadays, many people use eyebrow pulling to trim their eyebrows, which makes them more beautiful, but this is wrong, try not to do so, even if it is necessary to pull eyebrows, eyelids should be pulled out, only in this way can not easily lead to relaxation.