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How to prevent dwarfism

01 1 To prevent dwarfism, we need to pay attention to it in many aspects. It should be from pre-pregnancy to prenatal. First, we must pay attention to pre-marital physical examination, including serological examination, reproductive system examination, reproductive system examination, etc.
02 2 In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to avoiding some harmful factors, such as alcohol, drugs, radiation and noise, volatile harmful gases, etc. should be as far away as possible. Regular ultrasound examination, serological screening, etc. are necessary.
03 3 If abnormal results occur, it is necessary to decide in time whether to terminate the pregnancy. Amniocentesis cell culture and related biochemical tests. Application of gene linkage analysis, fetal mirror examination, etc. are widely used prenatal diagnostic techniques, which can be used selectively.
04 In summary, there are many measures to prevent dwarfism. We need to pay full attention to it. For the next generation, we must actively carry out various measures to avoid the occurrence of dwarfism.