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These ten health habits are wrong.

01. The only advantage of raising chin when nosebleeds occur is that the nosebleeds will not flow to the floor, but will not stop the nosebleeds. Instead, the nosebleeds will flow into the throat and may even cause vomiting and asphyxia. The correct way is to stuff a small cotton ball in the nosebleed nostril, gently press the nose wing, and tilt the head forward, or wrap an ice towel or wet towel around the neck to stop bleeding.
Scraping armpit hair can reduce sweating and shaving armpit hair, which has no effect on preventing sweat. On the contrary, after shaving armpit hair, armpit leaves sweat stains on clothes because the water discharged from armpit can not be hidden. Moreover, axillary hair scraping is also easy to cause hair root abscess. The correct way is to clean the sweating armpit before the sweat breaks down.
03 Sweat is stinky sweat is tasteless. But sweat contains many organic substances, which are nutritious to bacteria, but when bacteria break down sweat, they produce unpleasant excretion.
04. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating will erode enamel by acid in food, which will only strengthen the destructive effect of acidity in food on teeth. The correct way is to rinse your mouth first and brush your teeth after half an hour.
05. Recent studies have shown that medicines have the same effect on men and women. For example, aspirin can help men prevent myocardial infarction, but it has little effect on women. Oil-soluble drugs such as anesthetics are used more in women than in men.
06 100 combs a day is good for health. Overcombing can stimulate the sebaceous glands on the scalp, especially those with oily hair, even less combing. If it's long, dry hair, it's better to comb more hair. But it's better to use a comb made of natural bristles, which is less likely to hurt the scalp.
Walking is more physically demanding than standing because when standing, both legs are always bearing the weight of the body and neither foot can relax. When one leg is carrying weight, the other is relaxing.
People with sweet blood are apt to be bitten by mosquitoes without the smell of blood at all. But mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to heat, and even the difference of 0.05 degrees Celsius can be distinguished. So when we breathe out carbon dioxide and water vapor, we attract mosquitoes.
09 Toilets are very unsanitary places. Toilets that are often washed with water are much cleaner than people's stereotypes. Bacteriologists at home have found that most of the bacteria in the house are hidden in drains on the inside of the refrigerator, and there are more bacteria on the cloth than on the toilet.
10. The size of a smart person's brain is not the key to decide whether he is smart or not. Brain structure is the most important. The function of the human brain is determined by neural networks, and people with low IQ are because some of these functions have died, regardless of the size of the brain.