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Treatment of hyperlipidemia do not go into three misunderstandings

01 Misconception 1. The number on the test sheet is within the normal value, which means that nothing is wrong. For normal people, the "bad cholesterol" content below 160 mg is normal; for patients with coronary heart disease, less than 100 mg is up to standard; for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension, it must be controlled below 80 mg.
02_Misconception 2. Imbalance between medication and diet treatment. This can be divided into two kinds of people, one is afraid to use drugs, always feel that there are side effects, so only pay attention to diet; the other is to see what medicine to buy, feel that taking medicine will be okay, just as big fish and meat. It is understood that at present, the treatment of hyperlipidemia mainly uses statins, whose side effects are less than 1%, which is relatively safe. But reasonable diet is the foundation of treatment. If only high cholesterol, then eat less yolk, animal viscera, etc. If only high triglyceride, then should limit the total amount of food, especially avoid eating carbohydrates. At present, domestic dietary programs for people with high blood lipid include: staple food 4 or 2 (female), 6 or 2 (male), cereal, brown rice, pumpkin and so on, reducing saturated fatty acid intake, eating less fat, cooking oil less than 25 grams per person per day. Increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids, eat fish twice a week, use olive oil instead of other cooking oil; do not eat animal viscera, yolk no more than 2 a week; 1 kg of vegetables, one or two fruits a day.
03 Misconception 3. When blood lipid drops, you don't have to deal with it anymore. It can be said that hyperlipidemia is accompanied by a lifetime. However, if it is a concomitant symptom of diabetes, liver disease and other diseases, it can return to normal after the control of the primary disease or withdrawal of drugs.