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How to do it is good for increase?

01 1 must pay more attention to rest during the long period, the night is the best time for metabolism, the speed of metabolism determines the height, so do not stay up late at night, go to bed early, so the metabolism is good, the probability of growing high is increased.
02 2 Diet should pay attention to, must not be partial eclipse, partial eclipse is very unhelpful for long height, we must eat more vegetables, no matter what kind of vegetables, whether they love to eat, we must eat more, but also to supplement nutrition, you can give yourself
03 3 long to strengthen exercise, exercise to play a decisive role in the height, usually we can play, run, etc., in the morning also develop the habit of running outdoors, skipping rope is also conducive to growing tall, try to do more
04 Long height must also ensure a good mood, but also more exercise. Do not partial eclipse.