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More psychological counseling can prevent suicide

Face life positively and learn to cherish yourself. Psychological experts say that active people always have a sense of responsibility for themselves and others, will actively lead the occurrence and development of things, will strive to cherish life, while passive people are always waiting for fate arrangements or other people to help, can not lead or promote the progress of things when they are in trouble. "We should use a positive and open-minded attitude to solve difficulties and face life." Psychological experts say.
02_Dialectically treat the lack, feel contented and happy. Psychological experts say that everyone has a lot, but also a lot of lack, to correctly view their own possession and lack, feel contented and happy. "When we lack a lot, we should also use an optimistic attitude, some lack of protection for us, some lack of will to stimulate our fighting spirit, these are good." Psychological experts say.
03_Reasonable adjustment of cognitive, learn to manage emotions. Psychological experts say that a stable and good emotional state can make a person happy, relaxed, energetic and confident in life; on the contrary, if a person's mood fluctuates unsteadily, suffers from gains and losses, is moody, in a bad emotional state, and he will not regulate and control, it will lead to psychological imbalance and heart. Crisis management may even lead to something contrary to common sense. "We should learn to perceive our emotions in life. We can eliminate unhealthy emotions by moderate vent, reasonable relaxation, positive suggestion and diversion of attention." Psychological experts say.
Establish harmonious interpersonal relationship and improve support system. Psychological experts say that a harmonious interpersonal relationship can make people feel secure, satisfied, self-esteem, strength, friendship and help. "In life, we should master interpersonal skills, establish good interpersonal relationships, and obtain a full sense of social security, trust and motivation. At the same time, we should deal with family relations such as marriage, parents and children, maintain good family support system, and improve the immunity of psychological crisis. Psychological experts say.
05. Moderate social comparison, experience self-happiness. Psychological experts say that social comparison is the driving force of positive pursuit, but improper comparison will increase their pressure, and even produce a sense of incompetence. To choose the right object or group for a proper comparison, some people can make a longitudinal comparison of life, and feel the happiness brought by their growth better. "Happiness is a subjective experience, different cultures, different strata and different individuals have different understanding and positioning of happiness. We should make proper self-orientation in life, dig out the meaning of everything, experience the positive mood of participating in everything, and learn to experience the habit of happiness in the ordinary. Psychological experts say.