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Can you breastfeed with genital warts?

01 1 Female friends suffer from genital warts during breastfeeding. This disease can be fed and does not have a great impact on children. However, female friends usually have genital warts during breastfeeding if they use it regularly.
02 2 Condyloma acuminata during breastfeeding, especially during this period, the resistance will continue to decline. The level is that we must pay special attention to maintaining our personal hygiene habits when we treat this disease, and we must strengthen our lives.
03 3 Female friends during breastfeeding suffer from genital warts. It is necessary to treat this disease in time. Early treatment is still relatively easy to recover and the rash is not large. Usually, small areas can be removed by surgery.
04 A friend of a woman with genital warts should treat this disease in her daily life. She should pay special attention to the maintenance of her own diseased parts, and the female vulva should be washed regularly with soapy water.