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How to Manage Teachers'Emotions

Teachers as the second parents of students, if there are emotional problems, it may affect students. Educators serving young children, how to manage their emotions and maintain their mental health? How can schools and society provide a harmonious and loving environment for them? Faced with children who are equally difficult to discipline, some teachers will turn spring into rain, while some teachers will take excessive actions.
Many primary and secondary school teachers have various kinds of psychological problems, and kindergarten teachers have more psychological pressure because of the establishment and other factors. At the same time, because of its low age, huge workload and poor communication between teachers and children, it is easy to cause negative emotions of kindergarten teachers.
03 Relevant research shows that stress comes from the imbalance between work and life, which is particularly evident in women. Therefore, how teachers manage their emotions is a big social problem. At present, in the female-dominated kindergarten teachers'profession, besides formulating and abiding by strict professional ethics, emotional management should become a compulsory course for them.